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Evening 10

See Mike Anton’s pics here

The Olympic Torch made an appearance at the East Grinstead Evening 10 last night. In glorious weather, a record gathering of 20 riders plus race officials and supporters were lucky enough to lay their hands on the Olympic Torch which Emily Barnes kindly brought along with her.

London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay, had chosen Emily as an Olympic Torchbearer. Emily, who is u16 National Cyclocross Champion, was selected because of her commitment and dedication to her sport of Cycling and inspiring her peers through her sporting success. Emily carried the torch through Tunbridge Wells on 17th July.


Steve Dennis 23:55
Jon Carter 25:25
David Barnes 26:06
Ben Crick 26:23
Richard Williams 26:39
Paul Winkley 26:46
Maddy Lee Smith 27:08
Richard Woodward 27:23
Val Place 27:55
Ross Battersby 28:18
Michael Diebel 28:20
David Leech 28:23
Ted Boorman 28:36
Emily Barnes 28:56
Peter Bedingfield 29:19
Jeremy Winkley 31:19
Carla Dennis 31:59
John Geal 34:05
Alice Hardisty 35:33
Vince Edwards Off Course

Many thanks to Chris Daniels for timekeeping, Richard Blackmore for pushing off and Mike Anton for marshalling and photos


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