Ride bikes. Have fun. Feel good.

Evening 10

A bumper turnout of 26 riders faced the time keeper around the Horne course in balmy conditions and several personal bests were achieved.

However there was a ‘near miss’ tonight, when one rider didn’t slow down enough when turning left at the end of Church Rd. The motorist was not very happy and rightly so.

Remember, if in doubt, put your brakes on.  And always stay on the left hand side of the road.


George Brent 22:54
Paul Blackmore 23:44
Mark Bashford 23:58
Gary Williams 24:21
Stefano Arcidiciano 25:10
Simon Neave 25:15
Ben Crick 26:13
Martin Banfield 26:30
Richard Woodward 26:32
Alan MacInnes 26:34
Paul Harris 27:38
Roland Townson 27:43
Michael Diebel 27:59
Paul Turner 28:13
Val Place 28:20
Vince Edwards 29:08
Dani Harris 29:09
Lucy Griffin 29:43
Mike Anton  30:16 (MTB)
Jeremy Winkley 31:20
Greg Sheriff 31:27
Phil Harris 32:12
Harry Hardisty 33:11
Gemma Hayes 34:10
John Geal 34:48
Peter Bedingfield DNF (Mechanical)

Many thanks to Chris Daniels, Richard Blackmore and Paul Winkley for Time Keeping, Pushing Off and Marshalling.