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Evening 10

Mike Anton writes…….

The final evening 10 of the season saw the biggest start sheet in many years with 28 riders.

This topped the previous week’s record field and was a fantastic way to finish  the evening 10’s, leaving  just the hill climb at Wier Wood to complete the season.

The conditions weren’t quite as good as the previous week, the reasonable SW wind denting  the top end times just enough to prevent anyone breaking 24 mins.

However that didn’t prevent some from  improving their times, in particular Paul Turner with a new PB and John Geal putting in an excellent time.  Unfortunately Graham Powell was the only non finisher, having gone off course so commiserations to him

As always, many thanks to Chris Daniels, and Richard Blackmore for time keeping and pushing off, and chairman Steve Dennis for  marshalling.

The final event next week is the hill climb on Legsheath Lane, near Wier Wood reservoir at 18:45.

It is only 1.5 miles but what it lacks in distance it makes up for in a test of your legs and lung capacity. – See you there!


Paul Blackmore 00:24:10  
Mark Bashford 00:24:15  
Gary Williams 00:24:32  
Mike Anton 00:24:56  
Glenn Karpeta 00:25:31  
Alan MacInnes 00:25:58  
Ben Crick 00:26:03  
Richard Woodward 00:26:25  
Paul Winkley 00:26:32  
Nigel Kilner 00:26:37  
Chris Keyiel 00:27:13  
Matt Potter 00:27:39  
Paul Harris 00:28:04  
Paul Turner 00:28:10  
Val Place 00:28:42  
Mike Diebel 00:28:49  
Peter Bedingfield 00:29:48  
Lucy Griffin 00:29:53  
Vince Edwards 00:30:10  
Dani Harris 00:30:23  
Jeremy Winkley 00:31:09  
Greg Sherriff 00:31:20  
Carla Dennis 00:31:25  
Phil Harris 00:32:02  
John Geal 00:32:14  
Kirsty Wachuku-King 00:33:40  
Gemma Hayes 00:34:15  
Graham Powell DNF off course