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Evening 10

Mike Anton writes…

A smaller turn out than last week possibly due to the easterly gale that had been blowing since the weekend?

A NE wind on this course gives that rare opportunity, a tail wind on the back straight and I for one was surprised to see 28Mph down that stretch. It was probably 21 last week!

Of course you have to go in to the wind at some point and I thought the eastern side would be a real challenge. As it was it was almost pleasant and a quick glance at the results seems to suggest a 30 second average improvement for everyone so it can’t have been that bad.

The only casualty was Ben H who had to DNF with asthma problems. However Ben, Stef and Brian Phillips had completed in the ultra tough Fred Whitton 112 mile event at the weekend so had certainly put some miles in beforehand.

Alan Mac continues to get faster and Dan F took another 26 secs off of last week’s time. Carla loped nearly 5 mins off but a check of last year’s results shows she can still go quicker.

Possibly the best improvement of the night was Ian Thompson who crashed through the 30 min barrier with a cracking 1:35 reduction off of last week’s time.

With Blackmore P feigning some excuse about the cold or some such, it was down to younger brother Steve to fly the family colours. Not his best time but as he lives in Italy where its WARM and sunny, Paul should feel suitably admonished.

Steve was also witness to Anton’s dire cornering skills and probably lost 11 secs from laughing watching him fumbling to clip a knackered Look cleat back in.

1   Steve Dennis      23:33
2   Mike Anton        24:36
3   Stef Arcidiacono  25:08
4   Alan MacInnes     25:26
5   Steve Rollason    26:15
6   Paul Winkley      26:22
7   Steve Blackmore   27:11
8   Ian Thompson      28:58
9   Robin Johnson     32:21
10  Carla Dennis      33:06
11  Dan Farmer        35:05
12  Andy Rockingham   36:32
13  Ben Hardisty      DNF

Timekeeper: Chris Daniels
Marshalls/Pusher off: Mick Robinson / Paul Blackmore