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Evening 10

“Evening 10, what a silly idea”

Mike Anton writes…

I’d recently done a Crawley Wheelers 10 on Mr Dennis’ old S Works full susser and felt it was time for it to have a trip around t’Horne.

The weather didn’t look too promising en route but 9 hardy souls signed on.

On the previous outing I’d locked the suspension out but decided to go with full bounce this time “just to see what it was like”

With Mr Ben Instone kindly pushing off, I was away n#6 and soon pogoing my away along. I saw Carla in the distance as we crossed the old airfield and thought I might catch her by the end of the first lap.

That idea rapidly went out the window once I’d discovered that trying to turn over top gear = massive amounts of bike movement which = lots of wasted energy.

So with messrs Winkley, MacInnes and Blackmore catching me for 1, 2 and 3 mins before I’d even got to the back straight, it was a case of ease off and concentrate of peddling as smoothly as possible to minimise the bouncing around.

Lap 2 seemed to take forever as I slowly reeled Mrs Dennis in but I just couldn’t bridge the gap.

Today’s top tip? Don’t ride a full susser if you fancy doing any sort of vaguely respectible time. That said, they’re probably the best bike you could ride if you wanted to sort out your peddling style and cadence.

1  Paul Blackmore    24:38
2  Alan MacInnes     24:48
3  Paul Winkley      26:33
4  Chris Kitchenham  27:34
5  Mike Anton        31:51 (MTB bike)
6  John Geal         32:30
7  Carla Dennis      32:36
8  Dan Farmer        32:46
   Richard Woodward  DNF   (puncture)

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