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Evening 10

Mike Anton writes…

After the last minute cancellation of last week’s opening event due to the weather conditions, Tuesday saw the start of the evening club racing series for 2008.

Most of the season comprises 10 mile time trials round the quiet roads between Horne and Newchapel, and the sunny and warm conditions saw a good opening turn out. The brisk NE wind put paid to any personal bests [Ed. except BH & SA] but the final results were a closely fought tussle with four riders in the 25 minute segment.

Steve Dennis romped home in his usual style with second claim member Marek Siwicki securing third place, pipping Mike Anton to an all Grinstead 1-2-3. Slightly further down the results, Paul Winkley decided he’d like an extra challenge and rode on his fixed wheel track bike. He was joined by visiting Brighton Mitre rider Robin Johnson who also sported a positively retro machine.

Last but by no means least was the welcome appearance of Carla Dennis. As the only lady who rode, she’s already stolen a march on the other ladies and will look to maintain her number one position through the summer.

1  Steve Dennis        23:33
2  Mark Bashford       24:46
3  Marek Siwicki       24:54
4  Mike Anton          25:04
5  Steve Rollason      25:25
6  Stefano Arcidiacono 25:48
7  Andy Seltzer        25:50
8  Bernie Streeter     26:37
9  Ben Hardisty        26:42
10 Paul Winkley        27:13
11 Damian Arnold       28:51
12 Robin Johnson       30:58
13 Carla Dennis        33:53

Timekeeper: Chris Daniels
Pusher off: Mick Robinson
Marshall: Kevin Bashford

Ben Hardisty writes…

…meanwhile amongst the middle markers Stef and Ben once more commenced their own private battle. Stef arrived without his wheel skewers, a fairly essential piece of equipment, and as he struggled in vain to find anyone who was riding that evening that might have brought along a spare pair, Ben was quietly thinking to himself “well that’s 1-0, how easy was that…”. However when it looked as though Stef was going to be out of luck, Ben realised he lived fairly close and sent Stef off to pick up a spare pair from home. Stef returned just in time for the ride and, by now highly agitated, promptly thrashed Ben by 54 seconds ….0-1 it is then.