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ESCA Reliability Trial 2009

Paul Winkley writes…

…probably be boiling and we‘ll all be in shorts!

Those were my words after last year’s battle with the elements, so it couldn’t be bad two years running ..it was!

Not many ‘Grinnies’ started just Paul Harris, Richard Woodward and myself.
I have to say well done to the organizers this year a fine event as usual, but the course – bit of a ‘cop out’ wasn’t it chaps?

The ‘game of two halves’ of 2008 was simply reversed for this year with the flatter loop to the south 1st and the hillier loop to the north second. Forecasting seems to have got more accurate this year so we were expecting the worst but were lulled into a false sense of security after the first loop and an almost dry ride. ‘Cooking’ inside my trusty ‘Nevis’ waterproof jacket.

The decision was made to return to the car for a training top for the second half, Richard Woodward doing the same … big mistake! At times we could have done with Moses to part the water so heavy did it rain. It was also blowing a gale making riding in straight line impossible.

With 10k to go and a certainty of getting back on time went ‘out the window’ when I punctured – thanks to some natty teamwork [and with the thorn still in the tyre I later found] we were up and running again but were going to have to go for it, ‘hanging’ onto Richard who was at times was touching 27mph and with the onset of cramp we managed to get to the final check with just 2 minutes to spare!

Biblical weather again but most enjoyable with some real camaraderie out on the road but please can it be dry next year?


Event details

This year the Reliability Trial for the ESCA Rally Shield will be over 50 miles with a start and finish based at East Hoathly. Riders to choose to ride the 50 miles in either 4hrs, 3hrs 45mins, 3hrs 30mins or 3hrs 15mins.

Entries are required in advance (closing date 10 November 2009) Entry fee £4.00 – Cheques made payable to A. Palmer.

No entries on the line. Entries by e-mail not accepted.

CTC 3rd Party Insurance is included in the entry fee for all riders with ESCA club membership.

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