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ESCA 65th Anniversary Events

East Grinstead cycling club scored a double this weekend on the East Sussex Cycling Association 65th Anniversary events, well organised by Peter Moon from Eastbourne Rovers + helpers. The event comprised of two races on the same circuit, a one lap 34.6km affair and a two lap 65km, on much the same course with a shorter second lap.

Starting into a fierce south westerly wind on the A271 near Amberstone just north of Hailsham was a real struggle, even turning south onto the A22 there was not much respite, but finally heading east on the A27 the rider could “put their feet up” with the benefit of a very nice tailwind. Then it was north(ish) up the B2095, a lovely stretch of road and although there were a few inclines the wind was still there helping.

On the A271 on the way back (into the wind again) to the finish line there was a Hill Prime, and on the climb itself, signs such as “Are you enjoying the party ?” were thoughtfully provided by the organiser (thanks Peter!). Richard Blackmore was on hand at the top with words of encouragement. On the 65km event the second lap was routed via Wartling which meant the distance to the finish when hitting the A271 was thankfully much shorter than the first lap.

In the 34.6km event Christian Yates won a very close race by just two seconds in 0:52:36 from Matthew Woods (Eastbourne Rovers). In the longer 65km event Steve Dennis won by two minutes and two seconds in 1:30:17 from Rob Pelham (Lewes Wanderers). On the comeback trail Mike Anton came home in an excellent 1:45:17 with Ben Hardisty further back in 1:55:02.

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