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Mike Anton writes…

Only Andy and myself rode the 25. Richard, perhaps wisely, decided to ride the (faster?) SCCU event on the G25/53.

The course starts at the northern end of the Maresfield bypass and runs down the A22 to the Boship roundabout, taking in the 10 course from Saturday.

I was off N#11 and thought I’d try to ride to an average speed. In hindsight this wasn’t a good idea as the opening 2 miles or so are downhill. What started as an average of 29mph rapidly ran down to 25.5mph and kept dropping.

Despite passing a few folk, I was eventually caught by my 4 minute man, Mark Winton of Lewes Wanderers, with about 15 minutes to go. Not long after this I passed Andy who was N# 61.. The rain was starting to fall in earnest at this point and I guess he probably got a bit of a soaking?

I eventually managed 1:01:33 with Andy finishing with 1:02:26.

1st James Dear, InGear Quickvit, 54:29
2nd Mike Coyle, VC Etoile, 54:50
3rd John Sharples, InGear Quickvit, 55:36