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ESCA 25 EGCC on a roll!

Mr Anton writes……

Following on from our success in Saturday’s 10, the pressure was on to get another team award.

Fortunately Mr Dennis joined us today though there was considerably more competition in the form of more In Gear and V.C Etoile riders.

Mr Richard Blackmore, our host for today, had had some fun in trying to organise a course that wasn’t affected by road works, and at the same time, a suitable HQ. (However don’t mention the fiasco with the keys…….)

In the end G25/86E was a bit of a mixed bag, and I for one found it quite a grind. It started in Halland and ran down the Broyle to Ringmer. A sharp left at dog kennel corner and it was then east to Golden Cross.

From there it was up the A22 to the top turn at the A272 rab. It was then back the way we came before finishing just outside East Hoathly.

The northerly wind of the day before had gone but the A22 just seems to attract a head wind, regardless of which direction you are going in!

Blackmore P was first off #20 and came back in 58:56. Anton was next and finished in 58:43. Mr Boorman was off #43 and came home in an excellent 1:3:32.

We then had a big gap to Mr Dennis, off #90. Steve didn’t disappoint and finished with an outstanding 53:57. Mr Seltzer was off 3 minutes later and came back with a solid 1:1:52.

Last EG rider though certainly not least, was Alan Starsmere who finished on 1:9:19. Alan and Ruth had a drive over from Andover that nearly rivals the sorts of distance Mr Phillips does to get to events. This was also only the second time Alan had been on his bike in nearly three months. – Such are the joys of being a partner in a company!

Back at the HQ and the results board, there was some deliberations over the team times. In the end I’m pleased to say that Steve’s, Paul’s and my time of 2:51:36 was sufficient to claim the team prize.

1st Paul Mill Team Edwardes 52:59

2nd Steve Dennis EGCC 53:57

3rd Mike Coyle V.C Etoile 55:07

4th Mark Winton Lewes Wanderers 55:10

5th Tim Stevens 34 Nomads 56:00

Ted also got 2nd place overall on the Vets standard competition, having come 2nd on Sat and 3rd today.

All in all a good weekend’s work.:-)

P.S seeing as this was a largely EGCC run event, thanks to ALL the folk who marshalled, made tea, pushed off and generally helped out.