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Ben Crick writes…

4 East Grinstead riders were in action on Sunday 21st  at the ESCA 25M TT on the G25/89 course. I arrived at 0630 with new club member Geoff Watson and we sat in the car for a few minutes reluctant to go out into the cold.

The temperature gauge on Geoff’s car had just got into the positive scale as we arrived at the HQ. It was unlikely we would see Steve Dennis and Ted Boorman as they were off in the last 10 of the 120 planned starters. Steve was last man off so I was certainly hoping to be back before he  had even started which I managed to achieve and did a little domestique task for him. (Hope he found the leg warmers)

I was off at 07:33 with Geoff 6 minutes behind me and he was riding his first TT for over 25 years so was not sure how he would go. Out on the course it was bright, sunny, not much (Northerly) wind and very cold so not sure how this would impact times. By the turnaround I was just under my PB for the course and was passed by Geoff coming the other  way about 3 minutes later so we were close on time at this point.

It’s hard work on this course up until about 5 miles to go and then it seems more down than up which was most welcome. I crossed the line just about warmed up and glad to get the first race of the year in the bag. I am not sure what experience our other riders had  had but Steve’s time was clearly down on his usual very high standard.

Conal Yates won in a very impressive 52:30  and our results were:

9   Steve Dennis   0:56:04  age group prize winner
58  Ben Crick      1:06:39
61  Geoff Watson   1:06:50
71  Ted Boorman    1:09:04  age group prize winner

Full results can be found here.

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