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Elite CC 10 mile TT

Elite CC 10 mile TT on G10/57

May 13th

Chris Yates and Ben Crick were the only EGCC riders on the start sheet for an event run by the Elite CC.
Now that is  quite an intimidating race title and if you were new to the Time Trial world you could be put off by the expectation that it would be entered by only very fast people.
Fear not , plenty of mere mortals like myself enter but with the forecasted showers and rain as i drove my car to the event I nearly wimped out as did over a third of the filed entered.

I did not bother with a warm up on the turbo as it was raining so waited until the last minute before setting off for the start line. The rain had actually stopped so as I pushed off the roads were doing out.
G10/57 that starts near Rusper is a fast course but in my experience you have to get that horrible little hill in the first mile right or you will blow it. Too fast and you will be carrying too much lactic in your legs, too slow and you are playing catch up all the way round.
Chris was off earlier than me and he gave me the thumbs up after  he crossed the finish line which I took to mean he had gone OK or was it just a hello?

This was my first open ten of the year and it felt tough. A small shower on the way back fogged up my visor which I ripped off and threw on the grass verge (could not find it later on) but pushed hard of the line to record a 24:29, about a minute off my course PB

Back at the HQ, talk was of a “slow day” and the winning time of 20:32 suggested less than Ideal conditions for the “Elite” and Chris at 22:14 maybe confirmed that.

1. Mark Elmsely Team ASL — 20:32
11. Chris Yates EGCC    22:14
31. Ben Crick EGCC    24:29

63 finishers