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EGCC Chain-gang training

12th December. EGCC Chain Gang

In distinct contrast to our first outing, the second EGCC chain gang outing was blessed with light wind and no rain. Our session started with a band of four (Mikey, Luke, Paul and me – Robin) to be joined quite quickly by a certain Mr Dennis – perhaps sneaking in a few road race practice drills prior to a return to the fold next season (OK, so he never actually said anything of the sort but it’s the off-season and we need to make up for a lack of racing news by inventing a few good stories!!). The group quickly got into a good rhythm and we rattled out a few consecutive laps in fine style.

As we paused for reflection and to share a few hints and tips we were joined for a special guest appearance (one lap only folks) by Ben Crick. Some more hot laps followed until, as we rolled around the final bends towards the finish there was a surprise Winkley attack! The move was quickly countered and followed by an attack over the top by Luke who was in turn pipped to the line by a fast finishing Mikey (at least I think that’s how it finish – it was hard to tell at the distance behind I was and without my glasses on!).

Another great session enjoyed by all. The group consensus is that these initial experimental outings have been a success and are something that we’d like to continue, perhaps putting them on a more regular footing (potentially every other week to start with). Watch this space – we’ll get something set up…