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East Sussex CA 2up TTT 23.8

Mike Anton writes…..

Having never ridden with Steve I felt that I’d managed to avoid the ‘pleasure’ long enough.
So having made Rob suffer in the SCA 2 up it was my turn for some punishment.

In an attempt at being clever I decided I’d take pics at the beginning as well as ride. Fortunately Josie had grudgingly agreed to take pics as well so there are some pics of your correspondent.

The Woodward-Hardisty Express were the very first team off and seemed nicely in touch as they passed the paparazzi. We then had quite a gap before Andy and Paul W set off, 6 mins before Steve and his anchor.

The stiff NE wind was great down the Broyle though my various shouts of ‘easy’ must have been blown away. Or was it that Steve was too far ahead?

The grind out to the A22 passed quickly enough and fortunately the wind was with everyone on the way towards Uckfield. A left turn onto the A26 and the wind was still favourable. I’d lost count of the amount of times Steve had had to ease off up till then so it was with some pleasure that I was able to actually take the lead for something like a whole 500 yards!

On the way down to Earwig we’d reeled in some folk and we were coming up on to another team when the traffic conspired against me at the turn and I was left trailing in Steve’s wake (yet again). After the grind up the deceptive drag I was very surprised to see Andy & Paul ahead. After some effort I managed to get on board for a short four up, before pulling away(ish).

The downhill stretch through Ringmer soon passed and we were faced with the slog back up the Broyle, into the wind that had earlier been so enjoyable. I know this road goes on and on so it was with some relief that we passed Josie about 1/4 mile short of the finish. Steve graciously eased up and we crossed the line in a less than inspiring 59:13.
(Steve would have ridden this course in around 53 mins had he not had to tow me around.)

This was only good enough for 8th so I phoned Carla to apologise that Steve hadn’t bagged any prize money and as a consequence they wouldn’t have any food on the table this week.

Andy had unfortunately punctured on the A22 and reckoned they’d lost 4 mins changing his tub. That’s quite an impressive repair job as I’ve spent 10 mins trying to dry fit Conti Competition tubs in the convenience of my work area!

First place went to Chris Yates and Dave Pollard with an impressive 53:46. That was 1 sec faster than their InGear younger colleagues, Matt Green and Tom Copeland. Looks like the youth are going to show the old boys a thing or two!

John Sharples and Jamie Pringle, again of the InGear parish were third with 55:24. The Lewes pairing of Mark Winton and Andy Cox were 4th with 56:58.

Messrs Hardisty & Woodward finished with 1:4:18
Messrs Seltzer and Winkley came home in 1:5:20 though this would have been a ‘1’ had Andy not punctured.
Mr Dennis and anchor Anton clocked 59:13.

Mike Anton’s pics from event

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