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East Sussex CA 2up TTT 23.8

Grumpy old men ride ESCA and win!

Paul Winkley writes…

Now what complete twat managed to put the SCA and ESCA 2 up Time Trials on the same day?
Such is my love for both events I couldn’t decide which to ride, so, I let the bathroom scales make my mind up for me. Choosing the less ‘lumpy’ ESCA and roping in my best drinking pal Richard Woodward as partner.

Now the weather of late has been none too dry and this Sunday was no exception. Thankfully the wind had dropped a little overnight, so with the prospect of us both getting a soaking and writing off some very expensive carbon fibre we faced the timekeeper in ‘full bling’.

After a steady start down the Broyle we really got into our stride back through Laughton and over Whitehill, realising our confidence of a fast time was a little optimistic once we turned at Little Horsted roundabout towards Lewes grinding into a headwind all the way to Earwig Corner and the comparative shelter of the road to Ringmer.

With Woodward now flying I was simply unable to come through, back to Kennel corner and the last two undulating miles back up the Broyle. The finish seems to come a bit quicker now because of the following wind, and wondering why Richard was sprinting out the saddle I looked up to see the chequered flag – engaging ‘Cipollini drive’ I drew level to finish in 1.02.14 and was a little disappointed till I saw the collection of other times on the result board – others had clearly had a hard time out there.
I also noticed our time ‘on standard’ was + 8.08 minutes.

As it turned out the later starters clearly had the best of the weather conditions with Dave Pollard and James Brickell of In-Gear Quickvit recording 56:14 to win overall. However, us old blokes did manage to win ‘on standard’ by nearly two minutes, so, drinks all round at the Rose and Crown on Thursday!

1st Dave Pollard, James Brickell. In-Gear Quickvit. 56:14
Mixed Junior Jones & Holmes 1:4:10
Mixed with Woman S.Underwood & Sarah Lovekock 1:3:34
Vets on std. Richard Woodward & Paul Winkley 1:2:14, 7th overall and +8:08
2nd on std P. Barker& I.Craig +6.42

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