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East Surrey RC Hardriders

Photos courtesy Colin Derrick


1st Steve Berry      Team Swift     1.07.05
2nd Conall Yates     In Gear        1.07.24
3rd Pete Tadros      In Gear        1.07.31
4th Dan Sadler       RT316          1.09.43
5th Richard Prebble  Node Giordana  1.10.17
6th Steve Irwin      Kingston Whlrs 1.10.28

First Lady  Maryka Sennema  Kingston Wheelers  1:19:55

Steve Dennis, suffering from the cold, was 8th with 1.10.39
Other EGCC times were  Paul Blackmore – 1.17.27,   Chris Yates – 1.19.32 and Stef Arcidiacono – 1.23.55

The team award never looked in doubt with the In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT duo of Conall Yates and Pete Tadros second and third overall being backed up by Richard Gifford in 10th place with 1:11:41. 

The veterans’ team award  went to the East Grinstead CC with Steve Dennis +9:28, Christian Yates +1:10 and Paul Blackmore +0:55.