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East District CA (District Championship) 100

Brian Phillips writes…

So much for the warm up. 0400hrs get up for the East District Ca 100 on Sunday. This event was known as the Breckland 100 until last year. Good (ie fast potential) course, but oh the wind!!!

Four laps up and down the A11, meant that only 13 miles at a time had to be fought out into the wind, but miles 83 to 96 into a force 6 or possibly more was the ultimate test, apart from a 12 in the same conditions I guess. Time slipping away and left leg cramping forcing intermittent freewheeling (yes I’m no longer on fixed!!) saw me across the line in 4:05:05, irritatingly beaten by 28 seconds into second place!

Well Cammish, Bowdler et al had more sense than to start, given the conditions, so I consider myself lucky to have got so close to a win!

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