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Downhill Competition Tilburstow Hill

Richard Woodward writes…

The annual down hill race traditionally takes place the morning after the Annual dinner and prize presentation. The event involves freewheeling from the top of Tilburstow hill towards Godstone the winner being the person who gets furthest up the rise into the village.

This event has always favoured the heavy weights of the cycling world but undaunted by his disadvantage Steve Dennis set off first. Usually the winner of all speed competitions Steve set the benchmark for all the others.

Next, Richard Woodward set off down the hill. He had realised that weight was the key in deciding the outcome and had spent most of the winter in training, drinking copious quantities of beer and munching mince pies. Building up momentum and reaching a top speed of 42.8 mph he sailed past Steve’s mark and causing the finish marker to sprint up the road to mark what is said to be the furthest roll for many a year invoking memories of the legendary ride by Will Wates.

Ted Boorman and John Geal made valiant efforts but only Paul Winkley, last years winner and present cup holder came close. Steve Dennis so used to winning looked sad and dejected after realising he had finished last, set off for the café at a blistering pace to make all the others suffer….!

(photos courtesy Mike Anton)

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