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Downhill championships

Woodward retains title

Richard Woodward writes…

On Sunday there was the downhill race in which I had stiff competition from a good turnout which included PW, MA, Simon Neave, SD, John Geal, Kevin Gladman of InGear, and another from Dormans Park who’s name alludes me but has been out on a few club runs and Steve Blackmore who came over from Italy for the dinner.

Paul Blackmore and Danni also turned up but I don’t think they rode the race. The last time Steve Blackmore rode a couple of years ago he beat me. Perhaps as he rode his racing bike with no mudguards  or lights so this year, knowing he was going to challenge me I brought out the summer bike with deeper section wheels (40mm) only to be trumped by him putting on a disc rear wheel and 80mm aero front wheel.

With the blustery conditions I felt the bike being blown about a bit as I hurtled down the hill but kept my nerve and my head down and managed to just get out onto the main road to set the furthest distance. Steve B followed me down but couldn’t beat me and finished about 15m behind to take 2nd place with Simon Neave to come in 3rd. I was pleased and a bit surprised to win again given the competition and so didn’t mind the aching neck so much as I would otherwise.

1st. Richard Woodward

2nd. Steve Blackmore

3rd. Simon Neave

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