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Double Dutch DIY perm 200

Double Dutch 220 DIY Permanent

This ride was inspired by the Jonathan Meades 1997 TV documentary Even Further Abroad; Double Dutch which explores this unique region mostly reclaimed from The Wash by Dutch settlers who have left their mark in the landscape architecture and flora. The programme is available to watch on YouTube and will give you a flavour of the ride.

It is a flat but touristic route with much to see including Ramsey; views of the Isle of Ely, Kings Lynn, Crosskeys Bridge, Boston Stump, Springfields Festival Gardens and Crowland with its triangular Trinity Bridge and Abbey. Much of the route uses Fenland drain roads. The Huntingdon start allows use of Network Railcard discounted tickets from the south, and using the train the ride can be done in a day from London.

I have always ridden the region in springtime when the daffodil bulbfields and tulips of the South Holland Fen are at their best although it can be ridden anytime. Much of the route is below sea level.

Control points; please obtain a timed receipt or cashpoint slip with location shown at each

Start Huntingdon; numerous cafes pubs and cashpoints, short ride from train station, regular trains from London and Peterborough no need to book bikes.

Kings Lynn numerous pubs and restaurants; large shopping centre, good riverside views across to West Lynn which can be reached by ferry Mon-Sat

Boston, numerous cashpoints restaurants, Wetherspoons (The Moon under Water) on river overlooking St Botolph’s Church (The Stump) the tower of which is the highest of any church in the world and is worth a walk up the tower on a good day

Spalding; Springfields outlet mall, usual choice of cafes restaurants and cashpoints. The free Festival Gardens are a highly recommended 20 minute visit in daffodil and tulip season (closes 18.00 Saturday 16.00 Sunday). Any other receipt from Spalding is acceptable.

Finish Huntingdon numerous cafes pubs and cashpoints, short ride from train station, regular trains to London and Peterborough no need to book bikes.

The ride may be started and finished from any of the control points and the route reversed if preferred; the maximum time allowed for the minimum distance between control points is 14hrs 36 mins.

The direct shortest route between controls is some 208km; 18km shorter than the recommended route but uses fast A roads and is strongly discouraged.

to ride the route a standard Audax UK entry form listing the above controls should be sent to myself at 64 Blount Avenue East Grinstead West Sussex RH19 IJW together with the fee of £2.50. NB the ride is only available to AUK members for insurance reasons

enjoy the ride!

Martin Malins

NB the ride is next being held as an AUK calendar event on Easter Sat 7th April 2012; shortened to 203km by avoiding Boston, entry fee £3