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Dangerous Cycling

We have received a concerned message from a member of the public about dangerous cycling during last night’s time trial.

To remind all TT riders that the ‘Horne circuit’ is held on public roads which are shared by all road users.

There were horse riders out on the circuit last night and one TT rider rode in a reckless manner, did not slow down, spooked a horse with motor vehicles close by, almost causing an accident.

A reminder that horses have every right to be on the road as cyclists and motor vehicles do.

Cyclists should only pass horse riders when its safe to do so and in a considerate manner.

Please shout to any horse riders that you are approaching them and give them a wide birth as you pass. Both horses and their riders will appreciate this.

Your TT personal best is not worth any reckless cycling.

The worst outcome could be the club being banned from riding the Horne circuit. Nobody wants this.