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Crawley Wheelers Eve 10

Alan MacInnes writes…

My previous effort at the Crawley evening 10 resulted in my chain coming off at the first turn which cost me time and all of my concentration. Not a good start. Things didn’t get better either; I had completely lost my bearings and turned at the wrong roundabout for the home leg. Time: Null and void. ‘Brilliant’ I thought, ‘Great way to show off the East Grinstead colours’.

So when I tried again the next week I had Steve, Mike and Ben all reminding me of the course and how many roundabouts I needed to pass before the journey back.

The weather was warm and fairly still and with a 7:45 start there was enough time for a really good turn out; 25 in all with me at number 21. So there was plenty of time for a good warm up and further reminders of the course.

Both Ben and I were sniffing around Mike for a shot of his spare aero helmet which thankfully Ben allowed me dibs on and I think it may have made a difference.

We all managed to get round the course in pretty good times, especially Steve who won the event over all and a PB from Ben made sure that he went home with a spring in his step too, so all in all a pretty good night for the visitors from EG.

egcc results
Steve Dennis    20:53
Mike Anton      22:37
Alan MacInnes   22:53  (pb)
Ben Hardisty    24:26  (pb)