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Club TT 22.08.2006

Ben Hardisty writes…

In the final ten at Horne only a paltry 7 riders made it to the start line, but were keenly supported by the Blackmore and Dickson families.

Once again Steve Dennis made the evening series his own, remaining unbeaten with only the Hill climb to go next week. Paul Blackmore, Mike Anton (without pointy hat, more later) and Ted Boorman all put in strong rides for the placings.

Matt Willis, back from a long lay off, made it for the third week in a row and put in another improvement.

Meanwhile the lower/mid table battle which has been raging all season between Messrs Dickson & Hardisty finally turned Rob’s way. Rob dipped under 27 for the first time, a well timed ride considering this was the last run at Horne this year. And he was not perturbed by Ben’s secret weapon, Mike’s pointy hat, which Ben was proudly wearing on the warm up !

Lets see a good turn out from all members on the hill climb next week.

Photos courtesy Steph Dickson

Full results :
Dennis S      0:22:29
Blackmore P   0:23:51
Anton M       0:24:11
Boorman E     0:25:48
Dickson R     0:26:54
Hardisty B    0:27:05
Willis M      0:29:48

Marshall: Tom Cole