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Club TT

Paul Blackmore writes…

In short: Dennis wins, and most others doing best times for the year on the course, notably Ange.

I suffered defeat at the hands of Mr Anton – on the flat! – so will be missing the next ten to consider my future in cycling.

Full results :
Dennis S      0:22:41
Anton M       0:24:38
Blackmore P   0:24:43
Siwicki M     0:25:29
Boorman E     0:25:42
Bashford K    0:25:48
Winkley P     0:26:11
Nainby A      0:26:48
Hardisty B    0:26:51
Horrigan N    0:27:51
Berkenhoff U  0:31:21

Marshall: Andy Seltzer

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