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Club TT

Paul Blackmore writes…

SD returned from holiday (stacking in miles on the MTB) to post another quick time on a fairly breezy evening ten course.

Recording 22-35 he was an easy winner although PB just managed to get within a minute with 23-34.

Ted was 3rd with a respectable 25-32, his legendary tubs managing to survive 9.9 miles before expiring. How he manages to get out to the Tens and make it back home again is a wonder.

PW come in 4th, bemoaning the lack of appropriate TT head wear for his below par 26-54.

With Andy S away and chief road sweeper marshalling, SD has wrapped up the overall title for the nth year with 3 races still to go.

AS does still lead the handicap comp but SD takes back the lead in the vets comp. AS could reclaim the lead next week as SD will be marshalling.

MA just needs to get round once more to claim the Seniors title and UB has long since won the Ladies comp.

Meanwhile it was a big welcome back for John Geal’s and Matt Willis’ first and second rides of the year.

Full results :
Dennis S      0:22:35
Blackmore P   0:23:34
Boorman E     0:25:32
Winkley P     0:26:54
Dickson R     0:27:04
Willis M      0:30:04
Geal J        0:31:49
Siwicki M     DNF  (loose shoe cleat)

Marshall: Mike Anton – special mention for Mike riding the ‘broom wagon’ and tidying the course