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Club TT (25m)

Paul Blackmore writes…

Armed with his road bike this week, Mr Dennis comfortably won the second of the clubs evening 25 mile time trial, although not by quite as huge a margin as the week before.

The double points now gives Steve a 46 point lead in the overall from Andy S with Mike A just 1 point behind in 3rd. With SD advising he will be missing next week and also for some 10s, the result is not over yet. Certainly the battle for the runners up spot will be close with MA and AS evenly matched over hills and flat.

In the vets comp again SD leads, 10 points up on AS and PB finally makes an appearance in 3rd, but some way adrift. MA is sailing away in the senior comp now after riding 3 events in a row and picking up big points. Similarly for Ute, the only lady so far to ride the hilly events.

The handicap is more difficult to predict, but SD still leads on 107, but if AS and MA continue their improvement they could yet overhaul him.

Thankfully there is just one hilly event left, back to the forest next week for 12 and a bit miles. Enjoy.

Full results :
Dennis S        0:58:15
Anton M         1:02:29
Seltzer A       1:03:11
Blackmore P     1:04:00
Boorman E       1:07:38
Woodward R      1:10:53
Hardisty B      1:11:42
Dickson R       1:12:33
Horrigan N      1:13:27
Arcidiacono S   1:13:59
Berkenhoff U    1:24:25
Cole J          1:28:10
Winkley P       DNF (broken spoke)

Mike Anton adds…..

In the interests of science, I decided to try my disk wheel to see what it was like up Hill and down Dale.

Well the downhills were great as I managed to exceed 40 past the speed camera at Crabtree for the first time ever. – Let’s just hope I don’t get a NIP from Officer Dibble!

Going up hill wasn’t too bad but on balance disks are meant for flatter courses, or for people with better legs than mine.

Excellent ride from the future Mrs Woodward though it was a shame that our webmeister missed out on his 5th consecutive PB.