Club Rules – saved 20-01-2021


1. This club is to be known as the EAST GRINSTEAD CYCLING CLUB which shall be affiliated to the CTT (Cycling Time Trials) and the BC (British Cycling) and any other such bodies as agreed by the committee. The object of the Club shall be the encouragement of cycling in all its aspects.
2. Members shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner befitting the Club, the sport and the pastime they represent.

3. The affairs of the Club shall be managed by a core committee composed as follows:

Vice Chairman
General Secretary
Time Trial Secretary
Road Race Secretary
Membership Secretary
Social Secretary

At least four of the above posts must be filled by Racing members. Two posts may be
filled by the same person. In addition, the positions of President and up to two Vice Presidents shall be elected annually and may also attend committee meetings. The Committee is empowered to elect members to additional committee posts and co-opt to form sub committees as required.
4. Quorum – four of the above shall form a quorum
5. There shall be a minimum of 4 committee meetings held per year plus the AGM.
6. Any members of the committee who fails to attend two consecutive meetings without reasonable acceptance by the committee shall be deemed to have vacated their office.
7. An application must be made on an official form.
8. Members shall be admitted as First Claim Racing, Social or Family members. Family members shall be defined as non-racing members of a racing member’s family. Social members shall be defined as members who may attend Club social events and involved in a non-racing capacity in all other club activities.
9. The Club may offer Second Claim Racing Membership to members of other clubs subject to the approval of the committee.
10. Life Membership may be offered under exceptional circumstances and as agreed by the committee.

11. It is strongly recommended that all members have individual British Cycling or Cycling UK membership with relevant 3rd party insurance and legal cover [included only in some British Cycling memberships]. The Club is affiliated to Cycling UK which provides 3rd party cover for our Club rides, events and trips should any 3rd party claim negligence. If racing/helping at official CTT/ British Cycling events you are also covered by the ruling body. You are not insured at any other time and should have your own 3rd party insurance.


The Club has an obligation to provide a duty of care to protect all children (and vulnerable adults) and to safeguard their welfare, irrespective of age, gender, racial origin, religious belief, sexual identity and any disability. The Club will take all reasonable practical steps to protect children from harm and discrimination and will respond quickly to all reported suspicions and allegations. The Club recognizes that the key to good practice is having an awareness of the principles required to promote a safe environment. The Club will adopt the Guidance Notes in BRITISH CYCLING SAFEGUARDING AND PROTECTING CHILDREN as well as PROTECTING VULNERABLE ADULTS POLICIES also endorsed by Cycling Time Trials. The Clubs committee will be responsible for ensuring suitable procedures exist to meet this policy statement.

Club Welfare Officer
The committee shall appoint one or two Club Welfare Officers from suitable candidates within the membership.
The persons appointed shall act independently of the committee within the scope of the role.
The role will be the first point of contact for any concerns, issues or complaints concerning child welfare / adults at risk.
Issues or complaints will be dealt with in confidence, assessed and reported directly to the governing body.

12. The annual subscriptions shall become due on the 1st January each year and at the fees as agreed annually at the AGM.
13. In the event of a member resigning or having membership terminated by the committee, that member shall within seven days return to the club all perpetual trophies and/or Club properties which they may hold.
14. If the subscription is not paid within three months the committee may remove them from the membership. (31st March)
15. Persons making first contact with the Club on or after the 1st July in any year shall be entitled to membership at half of the current subscriptions.
16. The Club’s financial year shall be from the 1st November to 31st October. Any member details are stored encrypted and will remain private under The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 Rules and are not shared with any third party.

17. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in November and at least twenty-eight days’ notice of such meetings shall be sent to all members enclosing a copy of the agenda. All additional motions/proposals for the agenda shall be in the hands of the General Secretary no later than 48 hours prior to that meeting either in writing or via email.
18. A Special General Meeting may be called by the General Secretary on receipt of a written request by at least seven members or if resolved by the Committee. The General Secretary shall, within one week of such a receipt, call the meeting, giving at least seven days’ notice. Such notification of the meeting shall state the reason for convening. No other business shall be dealt with at that meeting.
19. All motions affecting the general and racing rules put before such general meetings must receive a two-thirds majority of those paid up first claim members present and voting. Any other motion may be carried by a simple majority.

20. At least one quarter of all first claim members must be present at the AGM within thirty minutes of the time for which the meeting was called. If such attendance is not achieved the meeting shall be adjourned for at least twenty-one days.
21. All trophies held by the members shall be maintained in good condition and shall be returned to the Club six weeks prior to the Annual Dinner. All perpetual Trophies won by members shall be held for one year.
22. Club competitions and trophies are only open to full racing members and only performances ridden in the Clubs name count towards these competitions.
23. The only exception to this rule is the ‘Evening Series’ where 2nd claim members performances may be considered for the awards but only at the committee’s discretion.

24. In the event of dissolution of the Club, any trophies being the property of the Club and any other assets shall be disposed of by the majority wish of the members.
25. The rules may only be amended or rescinded at an AGM or Special General Meeting. Notice of the proposed alterations must appear on the notice of the convening meeting.
26. Any matters arising which are not expressly covered by these rules shall be dealt with by the committee whose decision shall be binding on all parties.
27. Every member shall have a copy of these rules.

28. All club members shall wear as an outermost garment the sponsor[s] racing jersey, track top or training top as appropriate on all occasions when out training or racing, provided that the wearing of such a garment is not inconsistent with the requirements of any particular race.
29. It is preferred that club members, when out riding or attending cycling events as a spectator, official or assistant, wear as appropriate an outermost garment, the sponsor[s] tracksuit top or training top, provide that the wearing of such a garment is not inconsistent with any requirements as regards clothing [marshals jackets etc.] for the proper running of that event.


1. No member shall be allowed to compete for the club awards unless they are a
fully paid up member.
2. Members of other clubs may ride private time trials in a club event at the discretion of the organiser, in accordance with current CTT rules. All riders must sign a liability form, and a rider under eighteen years of age must provide a signed parental consent form before competing in any club event.
3. All full racing members who enter open time trials, road races or any sportive events will be required to carry out at least one marshalling duty for a Club open or association affiliated racing event per season.


Presidents Cup Best All-rounder – Decided by the fastest average speed over:
1 X 25-mile TT
1 X 50-mile TT
1 X 100-mile TT

Veterans Rose bowl Time Trial Trophy Veterans Best All-rounder – Decided by the greatest aggregate improvement on VTTA standard time over:1 X 25-mile TT
1 X 50-mile TT
1 X 100-mile TT

Junior BAR Cup Junior Best All-rounder – Decided by the fastest average speed over:
2 X 10-mile TT
2 X 25-mile TT

Kestrel Juvenile Cup Youth Best All-rounder – Decided by the fastest average speed over:
1 X 10-mile TT
1 X 25-mile TT

Dorothy Daniel Cup Lady Best All-rounder – Decided by the fastest average speed over:
2 X 10-mile TT
2 X 25-mile TT

Snowhill Cup Middlemarkers Cup – Decided by the fastest average speed over:
2 X 10-mile TT
2 X 25-mile TT

This award is open to all racing members over the age of eighteen who in
their previous season did not beat 24 minutes for a 10-mile time trial, or 1
hour for a 25-mile time trial.

Short BAR
Decided by the fastest average speed over:
2 X 10-mile TT
2 X 25-mile TT

This award is open to all riders.

Tony Horrigan Trophy – Awarded for the best 12-hour time trial of the season. If no member completed a 12-hour event, the trophy is awarded for the fastest 100-mile time trial.
Coronation Cup – The fastest 50-mile TT of the season
25 Mile Shield – The fastest 25-mile TT of the season
Adrian Hawkins Trophy – The fastest 10-mile TT of the season
25 Mile Cup – to the fastest Club rider in the September ESCA 25-mile Time Trial
Hill climb Trophy – to the winner of the Club’s Hill climb
Downhill Cup – to the winner of the Club’s Downhill race
Mick Robinson Memorial Fixed Wheel Trophy – to the fastest rider of the first Evening Ten on fixed wheel in memory of Mick Robinson
Evening Ten Awards and Challenge Trophy. These are based on performances in the Club’s Evening Event Series There are six categories; Overall, Senior, Veteran, Junior, Ladies and Juvenile. Each rider competes in his or her category and in the points category. Points are awarded as follows:

1st 10 15
2nd 8 12
3rd 6 9
4th 4 7
5th 2 5
6th 1 3
7th 2
8th 1
1st 6 9
2nd 5 7
3rd 4 5
4th 3 4
5th 2 3
6th 1 2

The Challenge Trophy is awarded to the winner of the overall category and a
medal to the winner of every category. The first event each year shall be a fixed wheel event. Additional Ad Hoc competitions may be added at the discretion of the committee prior to the start of the series each year.

Geoffrey Butler Road Race Trophy – Road Race Champion
Awarded to the rider scoring the most BC points in the season. In the event of a tie the award will be determined by the quality of the races in which the
points where won.
Secretaries Road Race Trophy – Youth/Junior Road Race Champion
Awarded to the Youth/Junior rider scoring the most BC points in the season.
In the event of a tie the award will be determined by the quality of the races in which the points where won.
Ron Daniels Memorial Veterans Road Race Trophy – Veterans Road Race Champion will be awarded annually to the most successful veteran rider determined by the

Tony Horrigan Cup – Ladies Road Race Champion
Awarded to the lady rider scoring the most BC points in the season. In the event of a tie the award will be determined by the quality of the races in which the points where won.

AJAY Novice Trophy
Awarded to the most consistent or improved rider in his or her first season who has not won any other competition prizes or club trophies. Rider returning after a long absence are also eligible.
Fred Marshall Memorial Road Race Trophy
Awarded to the most promising roadman or woman as decided by the Road Race Secretary.
Brian Phillips Challenge Trophy
To be awarded annually at the discretion of the committee for the most outstanding Club or cycling achievement.