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Club Rides

Please email Membership@EGCC.net if you wish to attend a Club ride.


The meeting point for all Club rides is next to the mansion in East Court, accessible off the B2110 / Estcots Drive / A264.  Postcode: RH19 3LT

If you are driving to EG, please park in the Chequer Mead car park opposite the Theatre – RH19 3BS, not in East Court. This is at the request of EG Town Council who own the land and have given permission for us to use their private car park.

On Saturdays we endeavour to run the following rides. At times, some rides may be ‘self lead’ with suggested routes when ride leaders are not available for all groups. During winter months, fewer rides may operate depending on demand.

  • Group 1 – Steady pace. A great introduction to the club for riders looking to enjoy social rides and improve fitness. These rides average 12-13MPH and are usually around 20 miles. If a new member is unsure which group to join, we ask you start here. The ride leader will suggest moving up a group as necessary.
  • Group 2 – Steady pace. An enjoyable pace for riders who are confident on the road, seeking to maintain or build fitness, enjoy social rides and explore the surrounding area. Average pace of around 13-14MPH with distances of around 25-35 miles.
  • Group 2.5 – Steady pace (long). These rides are designed for those who like to ride at a steady ‘G2’ pace, but head out for longer distances. Average pace of around 13-14MPH with distances of anything from 40-100 miles.
  • Group 3 – Intermediate. Riders who have good fitness and enjoy longer rides of around 30-50 miles, at around 14-15MPH. These rides suit those with good endurance & fitness, who are looking to enjoy longer routes at a comfortable pace. Some of our Group 4 riders ride in this group during the winter for steady endurance.
  • Group 4 – Mini-sportive. This group is for those looking to ride consistently between 15-16MPH, with a distance of around 40-60 miles. Rider fitness is essential.
  • Group 5 – Mini-sportive. G5 is for riders who are confident at riding at 15-20MPH, with distances that can vary between 40-100 miles. Rider fitness is essential and this ride should only be joined by existing members who can demonstrate fitness.

All Saturday rides are led by experienced riders, are non-drop and include a coffee stop around half way. Routes and distances vary each week and members are asked to register on to rides via an electronic form.

Rides generally meet at 08:45 for a 09:00 departure. Any scheduled changes are usually communicated by Thursday. 

Sunday Club rides run many weekends, more frequent in summer months. 


Please note rides and meet up times are subject to change, it is best to check for updates within our WhatsApp group


The group always reforms at the top of hills to ensure no one is dropped and there may also be times, where possible, that the group is split based on ability.

A common misconception for new riders thinking about joining a club ride is “I won’t be fast enough”. Club rides are about cycling together, we ride as a group. Nobody is left behind.

A café stop of around half an hour for a rest and refreshments is a feature of all Club rides and we therefore advise you to bring some method of payment should you wish to refuel.

Riders are advised to bring a spare inner tube, pump and tyre levers and perhaps a multi-tool. In the event of a ‘mechanical’ the group will stop and help if required.

Sensible clothing is advised and is a matter of common sense depending on the weather and road conditions. It is also more pleasant for everyone if your bike is fitted with mudguards on wetter days.

The rides are open to anybody with a road bike, this includes hybrids with road tyres (not a mountain bike)

Participants must be 12 years of age or over and an adult must accompany riders under 16 unless you have a prior arrangement with a club member who is riding.

Club rides will generally be cancelled when ice is a hazard on grounds of safety.



Club Ride Disclaimer

East Grinstead Cycling Club endeavours to make its rides and other activities as safe as is reasonably practicable. However, cycling cannot be risk free and has some potential dangers. We are not a professional concern, just amateurs inviting other club members and friends to join us for a ride. Ride leaders are not responsible for the actions and behaviours of members or third parties.

Every rider must be responsible for their own safety and judge whether they and their equipment are fit to take part.

Riders are strongly recommended to have their own insurance cover, particularly for injury to third parties. This can be obtained through British Cycling, CyclingUK, dedicated insurance or you may be covered by your household insurance policy.

By joining one of our rides or events you confirm that you understand and accept the above and accept that you have a responsibility to act in a way that will minimise the likelihood of injury to yourself and others and that you and your cycle are fit for the event.


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