Ride bikes. Have fun. Feel good.

Club Ride Leader Guidelines

Here are some common sense guidelines for Club Ride Leaders. Note these are not rules and every ride leader will have their own approach to leading a ride.

* Aim to stick to the average pace & distance of a group ride.

* Communicate start times, planned route, intended tea stop and approximate distance & elevation in good time for a weekend ride.

* Ensure new riders to the group are comfortable with the above.

* Ensure new or trial members are aware of hand/voice signals and safe group riding

* Always operate a ‘no-drop’ ride, be supportive of any rider who is having an issue and stop for mechanical issues.

* Re-group at junctions and bear in mind slower riders may need a rest; Don’t automatically cycle on when they arrive.

* Reinforce good quality riding etiquette; Abusive & aggressive behaviour and unnecessary challenges are not acceptable. Being conscious of fellow cyclists and other road users is important, especially when representing EGCC. Call out obstacles, vehicles and other hazards.

* Provide clear and timely directions.

* Discuss route changes before departure. All riders should agree on a change of route mid-ride, such as a longer or shorter route home. A detour around closed or impassable roads is of course, fine.

* Report any concerns to a member of the Committee or if necessary to the Club Welfare Officer.

Leaders do not have to lead from the front at all times. If stronger riders are ‘going off the front’, ask them if they would like to split from the group and if not, either slow down or ensure they always wait at junctions but not pressure others.