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Club Ride Etiquette

Here some general guidelines for Club Rides

* Where possible ‘Sign on’ to a ride via the website not later than an hour before a ride and cancel any booking if unable to attend. Or contact the ride leader directly, especially if you cancel on the morning of the ride.

* Arrive in time and be prepared to depart at the scheduled time.

* Ensure bicycle is mechanically sound before a ride.

* Have basic tools and spare inner tubes for mid-ride repairs.

* Act responsibly, safely and politely – particularly when representing EGCC. Aggressive or abusive behaviour is not acceptable.

* Respect the average pace of a group.

* Do not pressure other riders to ride at speeds beyond the published group speed.

* Let the leader know if they are leaving a group ride.

* Always ‘re-group’ at junctions.

* Wait for slower riders and be mindful they may need a rest at the top of a hill/junction too.

* Not assume directions unless the leader has made it clear that the route is as pre-published via Strava/GPX.

* Move in or split in to smaller groups to permit a vehicle to pass safely

* Communicate with others any hazards, obstacles and dangers by way of hand &/or voice signals.

* Be aware of and participate in ‘calls’ such as “car back”, “stopping”, “slowing”, “horse” etc.

* Please do not challenge a leader’s choice of destination unless it is putting you or others at unnecessary risk.

* Communicate any concerns with the ride leader.

* Contact the Club Welfare Officer if there are any safeguarding, behaviour or safety concerns.

Riders are encouraged to wear a helmet and use front/rear lights.

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