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Club Hill Climb

Richard Blackmore writes…

After a day and a half of solid rain, it eventually stopped a couple of hours before the hill climb started. It was a bit dark towards the end when Chris and I were doing the results and I can only put it down to this that Steve D and Robin were announced as equal winners. However, in the cold light of day I downloaded the memory from my stopwatch and realised that this was not the case and that Robin was the clear winner. Steve was 2nd and a great ride from Mikey Weavers, doing his first ever hill climb, who came 3rd.

So here are the actual results :-

Robin Parker 5mins 30.6secs
Steve Dennis 5mins 46.3secs
Mikey Weavers 6mins 16.2secs
Noah Faiers 6mins 37.5secs (Oxted CC)
Luke DeQuay 6mins 46.9secs
Geoff Watson 6mins 47.4secs
Mike Anton 6mins 47.9secs
Paul Winkley 7mins 10.1secs
Paul Harris 7mins 26.0secs great to see him back competing again after his injuries on the ice last winter.
Richard Woodward 7mins 30.7secs
Gemma Hayes 7mins 58.4secs
John Geal 10mins 02.8secs

Thanks to Mark Bashford for pushing off and, for the record, he then ran up the hill in 11mins 40secs!!

And so ends another successful evening series.

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