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Club Hill Climb

Looking back at the previous hill climb results it’s interesting to see how consistent people are year in year out.

As expected, Mr Dennis won again but it was by the smallest margin, just 2.4 seconds ahead of junior Dan Gardner. Dan rides for Lewes Wanderers and has had an excellent year; he was 31 seconds slower than Steve last year.

Mark Bashford was 3rd, edging out Paul ‘climber’ Harris by 4.5 seconds and they were the only two to clock ‘6 minute’ times.

Woodward & Winkley continued their annual sparring competition with Richard taking the top slot.  Again, their times were consistent with previous years though it might be worth Winkley Snr following young Jeremy’s example and having two runs up the hill.  We’ll put that down to youthful exuberance on Jeremy’s part but no pain, no gain and all that Paul.

Messrs Turner and Beddingfield both had good trips up Legsheath lane, each improving by approx 30 secs on their 2011 times.

In the ladies battle, Gemma finally got the better of Carla by nearly 80 seconds.  We’ll need to await Paul B’s Excel wizardry to confirm the final placings but it’ll be a close run battle.

Last but certainly not least, John G continued his tradition of riding one of his many Hetchins, this one being his fixed hill climbing special.

Thanks to Richard and Chris for time keeping, Janet for officiating at the start and Steve Daniels for pushing off, or holding up as is the case with hill climbs.


Steve Dennis  05.56.8 
Dan Gardner  05.59.2 
Mark Bashford  06.27.9 
Paul Harris  06.32.4 
Paul Turner  07.30.1 
Richard Woodward  07.32.7 
Paul Winkley  07.54.4 
Jeremy Winkley  08.25.4 
Peter Beddingfield  08.59.6 
Gemma Hayes  09.09.6 
John Geal  10.03.3 
Carla Dennis  10.27.9