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Club Evening Hilly 15

Club Evening Hilly 15

GS/877 course

A hot, still evening in Dormansland, and a good sized field of 22 riders taking on this hilly circuit.


Mark Bashford EGCC 36.19
Tom Seller OXTED CC 37.31
Adam Grange EGCC 38.13
Andrew Drake E.G. TRI CLUB 39.4
Luke de Quay EGCC 40.34
Ivor Hewitt OXTED CC 41.44
Chris Filewood OXTED CC 41.46
Richard Woodward EGCC 41.55
Ben Hardisty EGCC 42.37
Chris Baker OXTED CC 44.09
Russell Hicks OXTED CC 44.13
Sam Cottingham OXTED CC 46.2
Steve Garrott OXTED CC 46.52
Nick Walker EGCC 47.01
Jaques Paulsen OXTED CC 47.09
Gemma Hayes EGCC 47.33
Pete Beddingfield EGCC 48.19
Jane Shrubb OXTED CC 49.03
Matthew Law OXTED CC 49.1
Hugh Winkley EGCC 49.58
Derek Brougham EGCC 53.37
John Geal EGCC 65.02

Thanks to Chris Daniels for timekeeping and Richard Blackmore for pushing off.

Next week we are back on the Ashdown Forest course.