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Club Evening Hilly 13

Club Evening Hilly 13 GS/898 Ashdown Forest course

A fine afternoon for a ride on the forest. An eventful evening, with good efforts by everyone. Mark was having teething problems with the drivetrain on his new TT bike (apparently “self adjusting”Di2 still needs tweaking with an allen key occasionally), and Nick was spotted standing by the side of the road before ladies mile, but finished. We will see what they are both capable of in two weeks when we return….


Tom Seller Oxted CC 36.03
Mark Bashford EGCC 36.11
Adam Grange EGCC 36.36
Richard Heath Oxted CC 37.09
Mikey Weavers EGCC 38.05
Andy Seltzer EGCC 38.05
Luke de Quay EGCC 38.42
Ben Hardisty EGCC 41.17
Richard Woodward EGCC 42.26
Jeremy Winkley EGCC 43.52
Nick Martin EGCC 44.39
Sam Cottingham Oxted CC 45.34
Gemma Hayes EGCC 46.02
Jane Shrubb Oxted CC 46.40
Hugh Winkley EGCC 46.47
David Martin EGCC 47.30

Thanks to Chris Daniels for timekeeping.



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