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Club Evening Hilly 13

Birthday Boy Dennis back on top.

Fresh from his 4th place on the National 50 mile TT on Sunday, Steve showed no signs of fatigue on the hills of Ashdown Forest by easily winning the first club ‘13’ of 2011.

A crisp and sunny evening greeted everyone at Gills Lap as did a very strong SW wind. 8 riders lined up to do battle with the wind and the hills, with Robert Thompson first off.

The first mile on the top of the forest had the worst of the wind but once the course turned on to the Friars Gate road, it provided a welcome push down the hill, where speeds of over 40 mph were easily met.

Dad Ian was next off with Richard W 3rd. Ian and Rich had a merry old battle for most of the course with Rich eventually getting the better of Ian on the final climb.

Gary caught Alan at the bottom of Chuck Hatch where they had their own little battle on the final climb. Steve duly arrived on the scene and despite their best efforts to keep him at bay, had to let him go.

Having ridden out to the event, Andy S was last man off and eventually finished just behind Mike who’s fully colour co-ordinated and CF wheel shod road bike was let down by the engine.

Back at the car park afterwards, Carla had driven out with the girls and some chocolate cake to celebrate Steve’s 48th birthday and the cake went down very well after the evening’s exertions.

Happy birthday Steve and long may the wins continue!
Next week is the 15 miler around Dormansland

Steve Dennis         00:33:46 
Gary Williams        00:36:09 
Alan McInnes         00:37:42 
Mike Anton           00:38:54 
Andy Seltzer         00:39:03 
Richard Woodward     00:43:42 
Ian Thompson         00:45:47 
Robert Thompson      00:53:37 

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