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Club Evening Hill Climb

A massive thanks to our friends from Oxted CC for making the Evening Series such fun this year.

Results of the Club Evening Hill Climb

Held on GH/83 course on Legsheath Lane – meet at bottom in car park by reservoir

Robin Parker 05:32.6
Tom Seller 05:41.8 OCC
Steve Dennis 05:53.8
David Rumm 06:00.9
Chris Filewood 06:01.2 OCC
Andy Selter 06:12.0
Nick Martin 06:12.5
Luke de Quay 06:26.2
Noah Faiers 06:52.6 OCC
Jacques Paulsen 06:53.5 OCC
Jeremy Winkley 07:12.5
Hugo Hewitt 07:17.8 OCC
Gemma Hayes 07:17.8
Matt Law 07:22.3 OCC
Sam Cottingham 07:27.4 OCC
Hugh Winkley 07:34.6
Richard Woodward 07:48.2
Russell Hicks 07:51.7 OCC
Paul Winkley 08:03.7
Jane Shrubb 08:09.4 OCC
David Martin 08:44.5
Peter Bedingfield 08:52.9


Many thanks to Chris for timekeeping, Richard for pushing off.

Thats it for 2015 – see you next year !