Ride bikes. Have fun. Feel good.

Club Evening 10

It was good to see so many Oxted riders, and there were some excellent rides. It’s very pleasing to see our juniors, Nick Martin and Mikey Weavers doing so well – both recording 25’s for the first time.

Also how about Oxted’s Christopher Frewood, aged 15, riding his first time trial wearing trainers and on a bike that cost £30.00, and recording 28.06! I seem to recall that Sean Yates started in a similar fashion!

Results as follows:-
Mark Bashford               23.46
Steve Dennis                24.23 (fixed wheel)
Thomas Seller               24.48 (Oxted CC)
Adam Grange                 25.18
Geoff Watson                25.18
Chris Balkham               25.32 (Oxted CC)
Nick Martin                 25.49
Ben Crick                   25.55
Mikey Weavers               25.57
Noah Faiers                 26.10 (Oxted CC)
Simon Neave                 26.16
Richard Woodward            26.21
Luke DeQuay                 26.46 (fixed wheel)
Russell Hicks               27.28 (Oxted CC)
Rick Brimicombe             27.45 (Come and try it – first time trial)
Duncan Green                27.49 (Oxted CC)
Christopher Frewood         28.06 (Oxted CC)
Val Place                   28.16 (Oxted CC)
Scott Cheshire              28.27 (Oxted CC)
Phil Clarke                 28.27 (Oxted CC)
Tim Evans                   29.24 (Anerley B.C.)
Gemma Hayes                 29.54
Jeremy Winkley              30.35
Jane Shrubb                 31.41 (Oxted CC)
Nicky Simpson               34.09 (Oxted CC)
Paul & Aimee Hobbs (2-up)   34.09 (Oxted CC)
John Geal                   36.26 (now in his 51st year of time trialling!)
Paul & Hugh Winkley (2-up)  DNF

Paul has unfortunately broken his collar bone after coming down on the second lap, but is in good spirits.

Many thanks to Chris Daniels for time keeping, Richard Blackmore for pushing off and Lindsay (Oxted CC) and Ben Hardisty for marshalling.

Note to all riders – on the corners please stay on the right side of the white line in the middle of the road – thanks

Ride safely !