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Club Evening 10 – Rain !

Ben Hardisty writes…

Looking back through the records, I couldn’t find another occasion where there were 3 riders (or less) taking part in an evening event. In fact at one point it looked as though there were going to be more spectators than riders, with even Steve Dennis turning up and volunteering marshalling duties after his weekend epic 1-47. In the event the Woodwards turned up and Richard in particular “kindly” offered encouragement while Ute marshalled.

It was down to three brave souls to tackle the ever worsening conditions, Emily, Ben and Ted. Lap one wasn’t too bad and while it was wet the wind was the main obstacle, but on lap two the rain got heavier and on the finishing straight it was pelting down. It was here that I realised what the timekeepers Chris and Mick have had to put up with – huddling under a single umbrella – this is the third time this season they have sat out in pretty poor conditions – so a big “Chapeau” to them !

The last Horne 10 is next week with the hill climb the week after – hope to see a few more people there.

Ted Boorman       26:08
Ben Hardisty      27:16
Emily McLoughlin  33:19

Time Keeper: Chris Daniels
Pusher off:  Mick Robinson 
Marshall:    Ute Woodward

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