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Club Evening 10

Club Evening 10 at Horne

Marshall: John Geal

Great weather, although a little too windy perhaps, but some excellent rides and quite a few PB’s tonight. What a terrific ride from Brindley Taylor (son of EGCC’s ex member, Ken Taylor) – either the 2nd or 3rd fastest time ever on this course after Sean Yates’ record (Steve Dennis to confirm!)

Brindley Taylor    22.24  Crawley Whs.
David Barnes       23.31  Corley Cycles
Chris Hewitt        24.06  Oxted CC
Adam Grange      24.18
Charlie Powell     24.49  Somerset RC
Paul Blackmore   24.51
Geoff Watson     25.30
Chris Filewood    26.01  Oxted CC
Simon Neave       26.09
Paul Winkley       26.56
Graham Powell   27.08
Sam Cottingham 27.23  Oxted CC
Chris Keeler        27.38
Scott Cheshire    28.15  Oxted CC
Jeremy Winkley  28.37
Emily Barnes      28.37  Beeline Bicycles RT
Chris Baker         28.46  Oxted CC
Kelly Jarvis          29.06
Jane Shrubb        29.30  Oxted CC
Peter Bedingfield  31.22
Derek Brougham   32.41
Ian Skinner          34.07
EGCC riders unless noted