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Club Evening 10

A great turnout on Tuesday evening with 25 riders taking advantage of the warm if humid conditions. As usual Oxted CC were well represented and there were plenty of PBs on the night. Well done all.

Mark Bashford                         23.30
Chris Balkham         Oxted CC        23.47
Chris Hewitt          Oxted CC        24.17
Adam Grange                           24.20
Ben Crick                             25.05
Noah Faiers           Oxted CC        25.22
Thomas Seller         Oxted CC        25.23
Mikey Weavers                         25.35
Jeff Kimber           Oxted CC        25.37
Chris Filewood        Oxted CC        25.54
Luke de Quay                          26.06 (Fixed Wheel)
Russell Hicks         Oxted CC        26.15
Tony Longhurst        Oxted CC        26.46
Richard Woodward                      26.47
Paul Winkley                          26.53
Dan Cottingham        Oxted CC        26.59
Ben Hardisty                          27.25
Sam Cottingham        Oxted CC        27.48
Chris Keeler          Team THE        28.20
Peter Dyer            Crawley Whlrs   28.29
Jacques Paulsen       Oxted CC        28.33
Jeremy Winkley                        28:53
Jane Shrubb           Oxted CC        29.09
Hugo Hewitt           Oxted CC        30.34
Hugh Winkley                          32.15

Many thanks to timekeeper Chris, pusher off Paul, and marshalls from Oxted.



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