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Club Evening 10

Club Evening 10 at Horne

EGCC’s Mark Bashford once again rode the fastest time, beating David Barnes (Corley RT) for the second week in a row. Who will be fastest of these two next week when we move to the Ashdown Forest for our Hilly 13?

Some course Pbs tonight including Mark Bashford (23.11) Mikey weavers (25.08), Luke de Quay (26.09), and Pete Beddingfield (28.48).

Noah Faiers took a little tumble, but got back on to finish in 27.03.

Mark Bashford EGCC 23.11
David Barnes Corley RT 23.17
Paul Blackmore EGCC 24.02
Jack Dennison Oxted CC 24.06
Adam Grange EGCC 24.22
Mikey Weavers EGCC 25.08
Simon Neave EGCC 25.13
Geoff Watson EGCC 25.25
Maddy Lee Smith Oxted CC 25.33
Richard Woodward EGCC 26.04
Luke de Quay EGCC 26.09 Fixed Wheel
Christopher Filewood Oxted CC 26.09
Russell Hicks Oxted CC 26.33
Tony Longhurst Oxted CC 26.36
Noah Faiers Oxted CC 27.03
Ben Hardisty EGCC 27.49
Sam Cottingham Oxted CC 28.15
Pete Bedingfield EGCC 28.48
Matthew Law Oxted CC 29.04
Nick Walker EGCC 29.24
Jane Shrubb Oxted CC 29.49

A gentle reminder that we share the course with other road users, so please ride safely and considerately, especially at junctions.

Thanks to Chris Daniels, Richard Blackmore, Paul Winkley, and assistant marshals and helpers for another well-run evening 10.





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