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Club Evening 10

Another generally warm and still evening, but don’t mention the Traction Engine.

Nice to see Gary out riding whilst back home on ‘holiday’ and ably proving that you don’t need all the aero bling to record a good time.

First back to the time keepers was Andy Seltzer who having encountered the Traction Engine on the back straight, rightly concluded that if he was going to be held up then so was everyone else.

And so it proved with Mike getting stuck down at the left turn and Ian baulked when turning in to Bones Lane. Still Ian still managed his fastest ride of the year to date.

Dan unfortunately had chain problems which delayed him and visitor Peter Bedingfield was spotted by the roadside holding his crank which had come loose. Fortunately no injuries and he was last seen chatting to John Geal about vintage bikes.

At the top Steve easily broke the 25mph barrier on his Ambrosio ‘work bike’.

Richard Blackmore and David Kafetz switched duties this week with David donning the marshalling bib and Richard pushing off. Chris and Mick did their usual sterling work with the watches.

Steve Dennis        00:23:47 
Mike Anton          00:25:21
Gary Williams       00:25:22
Andy Seltzer        00:26:18 
Ben Crick           00:27:02 
Ian Thompson        00:28:00 
Jed Kafetz          00:29:12 
Dan Farmer          00:32:36  (shipped chain) 
Robert Thompson     00:33:47 
Peter Bedingfield   DNF       (mechanical problem - cranks)

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