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Club Evening 10

Another generally warm but windier evening than last week, but fortunately without any Traction Engines.

Off N. 1, David swapped marshalling bib for cycling attire and started his 2011 season with 35:13. ‘New boy’ Steve Poulton put in an excellent first trip around t’Horne with 29:37. Some pre race concerns on his part were completely unfounded and he was the first of our PBers.

Peter Bedingfield returned with a different classic bike and successfully completed the course this week in 32:24. Adrian Hoyle hadn’t intended on riding the event, citing the desire to keep his powder dry for Preston Park track the next day. However he donned N. 10 and promptly PB’d with 28:56.

Gary just missed out on a ‘long 24’ coming home in 25:00, 22 seconds faster than last week, unlike Mike who clocked another 25:20.
And to complete the scores, Steve clocked 23:43, again on his Ambrosio ‘work bike’. Good to see Richard Woodward back on his bike, having taken an easy trip out to don the marshalling bib for the evening. Ian Thompson kindly sent us on our way and Chris and Mick did their usual sterling work with the watches.

Steve Dennis        00:23:43 
Gary Williams       00:25:00 
Mike Anton          00:25:20 
Simon Neave         00:26:24 
Carl Richardson     00:26:40 
Paul Winkley        00:27:51 
Adrian Hoyle        00:28:56 
Jed Kafetz          00:29:07 
Steve Poulton       00:29:37 
Peter Bedingfield   00:32:24 
Robert Thompson     00:33:37 
David Kafetz        00:35:13