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Club Evening 10

The Dennis’ are back on top.

Having not ridden the previous week’s club 10, Steve was straight back to the top with a season’s quickest 23:17.

Obviously 23:17 isn’t actually that fast especially when you consider Mr D had knocked out another mid 19 on the Crawley course the previous Thursday. However do bear in mind he’s been riding a conventional road bike all season long and t’Horne without any aero bling.

Carla made a welcome appearance and clocked 33:57 on possibly her first serious bike ride of the year. A couple of more events should comfortably see her clam the Ladies title for another year.

For the remaining eight riders, it was pretty much business as usual with Alan comfortably claiming the 2nd slot.

A surprisingly still and pleasant evening seemed to bring out quite a lot of horse riders around the course. Not sure if this was a factor in placings but the final run along Brickhouse lane had half of the field strung out along it, giving everyone a little incentive to either try and catch someone or push a little harder to keep people at bay.

Thanks to Chris, Mick and Richard for starting duties and Mr Thompson Snr for marshalling.

Steve Dennis        00:23:17 
Alan McInnes        00:24:18 
Mike Anton          00:24:49 
Simon Neave         00:25:52 
Paul Winkley        00:26:47 
Richard Woodward    00:26:51 
Jed Kafetz          00:29:11 
Peter Bedingfield   00:30:50 
Michael Diebel      00:30:59 
Carla Dennis        00:33:57 

Timekeepers: Chris Daniels, Mick Robinson
Pusher off: Richard Blackmore
Marshall: Ian Thompson

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