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Club Evening 10

Richard Blackmore writes…

I was very disappointed with the turnout – just 2 EG members plus 2 timekeepers, 1 marshal and 3 members watching. The situation was made slightly better by 3 Novices who expressed a wish to join the Club and I allowed to ride on an unofficial ‘Come and Try It’ basis. On a more amusing note SD was overtaken by his minute man for the first time in probably 20 years (albeit Steve was riding his road bike).

R. Burbidge (Redhill CC)      22.52
S. Dennis   (EG)              24.16
I. Thompson (EG)              29.38
R. Johnson  (Brighton Mitre)  30.50
J. Kafer    (Novice)          32.23
R. Thompson (Novice)          33.45
D. Kafer    (Novice)          38.05

Timekeepers: Chris Daniels, Mick Robinson
Marshalls:   Alan MacInnes, Richard Blackmore

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