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Club Evening 10

Mike Anton writes…

The 2nd event of the club’s evening 10 series was another chilly affair which probably accounted for the poor turnout and the generally slow times.

A check of the local weather history showed a peak temp of 26’ C on May 11 2008 so the 6 – 8’ last night was very definitely unreasonably unseasonable.

With Mr Dennis pushing off before departing with Mr Blackmore to a London South committee meeting, it was down to Mr Woodward to step up to the plate to claim top spot.

1st  Richard Woodward                27:48  
2nd  Ian Thompson                    29:24  
3rd  Robin Johnson (Brighton Mitre)  32:04  
4th  Roy Brown                       32:24  
5th  Robert Thompson                 33:59  

With Ian’s son Rob looking to join the club, Dan Farmer will hopefully have some competition in the junior racing this year. That said, Dan arrived for marshalling duties on a snazzy new Specialized Transition and will be hoping to make a splash this season.

Thanks to Mick and Chris for their ever reliable services with timekeeping and to John G for kindly sweeping the turn corners.

[Ed.] All images courtesy Mike Anton Photography