Ride bikes. Have fun. Feel good.

Club Evening 10

Richard Blackmore reports…

Listed below are the results of the ’10’ last night.

Alan MacInnes           23.44
Steve Dennis            24.02 (road bike !)
Simon Neave  (SWRC)     26.00
Mark Pelling (In Gear)  26.27
Ted Boorman             27.36
Ian Thompson            27.57
Roy Brown               29.41 (pb by 1 sec !)
Jed Kafetz              29.55
Dan Farmer              31.17
Robert Thompson         31.54
David Kafetz            DNF (off course)

Timekeepers: Chris Daniels/Mick Robinson
Pusheroff  : Richard Blackmore
Marshalls  : Paul Winkley/John Geal

Thanks to John Geal for additional marshalling at the first T junction.
Good to see past member (and still Ladies 100 mile record holder) Heather Reeve
at the event. She is Jed’s Grandma.

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