Ride bikes. Have fun. Feel good.

Club Evening 10

A hot and humid evening attracted 18 riders, the best turn out of the season. And with only a mild southerly wind to contend with, there was a chance for the riders to enjoy the fine weather or try to post a fast time.

As it turned out several riders got very close to or achieved personal bests with Ian Thompson, David and Jed Kafetz, Steve Dennis, Ben Hardisty and Simon Neave all managing a course pb. Great to see Angela back out, and Carla for a having a go on her mountain bike.

Steve’s time of 21:58 is the first “21” on this course for a long time. In fact with the course on its current route this might be a course record. Twenty odd years ago Sean Yates clocked 21:25 or thereabouts but there is some debate as to whether it was exactly the same course. Either way, congratulations must go to Steve for a fine ride.

Steve Dennis       21:58 (course record ?)
Alan Macinnes      24:00
Mark Bashford      24:18
Paul Blackmore     24:44
Simon Neave        24:47
Ben Hardisty       26:01
Richard Woodward   26:25
Ian Thompson       27:06
Ted Boorman        27:07
Jed Kafetz         28:48
Dan Farmer         29:31
Paul Jenkins       29:35
Ange Nainby        29:53
Matt Larkin        31:24
John Geal          31:45
Robert Thompson    31:47
David Kafetz       34:10
Carla Dennis       41:19 (MTB)

Timekeeping: Chris Daniels, Mick Robinson
Pushing off: Richard Blackmore
Marshall:    Chris Kitchenham