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Club Evening 10

Club Evening 10 at Horne

A nice calm, warm evening and a good turn out from both East Grinstead and Oxted cc.

Quite a few pb’s for the course tonight, including:

  • Hugh Winkley (aged 12) – 31.19
  • Jeremy Winkley (aged 15) – 28.36
  • Nick Martin (aged 16) – 25.45
  • Oxted’s Chris Filewood (aged 15) – 27.45.

Good to see David Barnes (aged 16) – Corley Cycles RT coming to visit us again doing a storming 23.45, almost the quickest of the evening.

Also Trevor Clarke whose club we can’t read.


Chris Balkham Oxted CC 23.43
David Barnes Corley Cycles RT 23.45
Mark Bashford EGCC 23.58
Chris Hewitt Oxted CC 24.08
Adam Grange EGCC 24.37
Geoff Watson EGCC 24.58
Nick Martin EGCC 25.45 PB
Simon Neave EGCC 25.49
Noah Faiers Oxted CC 26.21
Russell Hicks Oxted CC 26.23
Luke de Quay EGCC 26.34 Fixed wheel
Chris Filewood Oxted CC 27.45 PB
David Tyler Oxted CC 28.04
Trevor Clarke Unknown 28.07
Cass Humm Oxted CC 28.24
Jeremy Winkley EGCC 28.36 PB
Tim Evans Anerley BC 29.19
Ben Hardisty EGCC 29.38 Fixed wheel
Michael Diebel EGCC 29.4
Gemma Hayes EGCC 30.09
Hugh Winkley EGCC 31.19 PB
Ian Thompson EGCC 31.28
Paul Hobbs Oxted CC 31.43
Jacques Paulsen Oxted CC Dnf

Thank you to Chris Daniels for timekeeping, Richard Blackmore for pushing off, and Richard Woodward and the ladies from Oxted for marshalling.




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