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Club Evening 10

Richard Blackmore writes…

As you can see, it wasn’t the easiest of evenings, cool and quite windy, but I think all enjoyed it including quite a few spectators. Heather Reeves even turned up in a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce (driven by her daughter)! Many thanks to Stef Arcidiacono for marshalling.

Steve Dennis      23.37
Alan MacInnes     25.31
Richard Woodward  26.52
Paul Winkley      27.05
Carl Richardson   27.24
John Geal         31.42
Carla Dennis      33.09
David Kafetz      33.48
Rob Thompson      DNF (Loose saddle)

Timekeeping: Chris Daniels, Mick Robinson
Pushing off: Richard Blackmore
Marshall:    Stefano Arcidiacono

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